Zeiss lenses imported from Germany

Zeiss lenses imported from Germany

Referring to current eyewear production technology, it is impossible not to mention Zeiss. The world’s number one eyewear brand with high quality products, typically Zeiss lenses. If you intend to buy this lens but do not know if it is good, please refer to some of the reviews below.

Understanding more about the Carl Zeiss brand Carl

Zeiss belongs to the German eyewear brand

Carl Zeiss is a German eyewear brand with a history of more than 100 years. Carl Zeiss’s name is associated with legendary camera lenses. Along with that is the leading optical equipment in the world. Currently, Carl Zeiss operates in 6 different fields, including medical systems, microscopy, semiconductor technology, industrial metrology, camera lenses and most notably, Carl Zeiss lenses.


Genuine Zeiss glasses

Genuine Carl Zeiss glasses manufactured from modern technology

Genuine Carl Zeiss lenses are manufactured using technology Free Form HD. Along with that, the design lines are sophisticated and modern. This provides a clear point of view, aids vision, and also provides eye care. There are many different types of lenses on the market. However, Zeiss lenses are still the number one choice for those with refractive eye disease.

The surface of the lenses applies advanced coating technology.

The surface of the lenses is applied with LotuTecTM coating technology, thereby providing optimal performance. In fact, this brand has taken inspiration from nature, specifically the lotus leaf to produce lenses. Therefore, German Zeiss lenses are waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean. Besides, advanced technology helps to increase the usefulness and anti-scratch effectively. Lenses have a high degree of smoothness, if unfortunately there is a collision or contact with a certain surface, it is difficult to cause friction and limit scratches.

Zeiss lenses with optimal eye protection features

Zeiss lenses imported from Germany also have anti-static, anti-reflective, reflective, anti-glare, anti-UV 400, … Users trust it for its comfort roof and delivers sharp images. No matter in any situation, whether it’s heavy rain or wind, day or night, sunny or foggy, it is still guaranteed to bring the highest efficiency.

Classification Zeiss

Clarity 1.60 AS LT

Lens are applied with Free Form HD technology, bringing the clearest view to users. Lenses support vision and help with eye care. The surface of the lens is coated with modern technology, providing optimal images. The glass is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also effectively scratch-resistant.

Clarity 1.56 AS LT

Zeiss Clarity 1.56 AS LT lenses are also very popular right now. Refractive index 1.56 and made of plastic material. It allows correcting many different refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism. Lens construction with super-smooth coating makes cleaning the lenses quite easy. Has anti-fingerprint, anti-water, anti-UV, electromagnetic, anti-wave. Thanks to reflective technology, Zeiss Clarity 1.56 lenses can minimize scratches.

Zeiss 1.50 Photofusion

Lenses The Zeiss 1.50 Photofusion lenses are made of plastic and have excellent color changing properties. The lens surface is coated with With Lotutech. In addition, photofusion technology helps the glasses adapt quickly to changes in light. Compared to photochromic lenses, Zeiss lenses actually change color twice as fast.

Zeiss lenses darken 16% in just 15 to 30 minutes, and its color release time is 3 to 8 minutes at 70%. Lenses bring comfort to users wherever they are. Suppose, you wear when you are indoors, the lenses will be very clear. When wearing glasses outside and in direct sunlight, the lenses will be dark.

Zeiss Clarity 1.67 AS LT

Lens Zeiss Clarity 1.67 AS LT Lens with 1.67 refractive index and applying lotu tech. It allows correcting various refractive errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness. Lenses with many advanced features that no other product can match. Such as proprietary anti-static, anti-reflective, reflective, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet technology.

Actual feeling after using the product

When it comes to German Zeiss lenses, people usually think of products that apply the leading eyewear production technology in the world. Specifically, such as anti-blue light, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, water-resistant, color-changing… These lens products are suitable for all subjects, even the elderly. However, when experienced in practice, this product brings more benefits than that.

Limit image blur in the rain

If you have used many lenses, you will easily realize their outstanding water resistance. When you wear it, you do not feel uncomfortable, helping to focus on work, study or in traffic. It gives users the feeling of wearing without wearing. In particular, when walking in the rain, the lens still ensures to bring a clear image, without blur.

Anti-glare car lights

Many people when riding at night are quite worried because the lights on the car are very uncomfortable. However, with Zeiss lenses special anti-glare coating, it is able to block the light rays of the headlights from entering the eyes, promoting effective anti-glare effects.  

High concentration

Choosing a genuine German Zeiss lens will certainly make you feel very comfortable when working. You sit at the computer for hours, exposed to the screen for a long time but still ensure concentration. The eyes do not feel dry or sore. That is thanks to the effective use of blue light-cutting lenses.

The ultra-thin, ultra-light lens design and anti-glare coating contribute to making Zeiss lenses even more popular. Using this lens brings confidence to everyone, no longer afraid of the light of car lights or screen lights, electronic devices, cameras…

Those are the outstanding advantages of Zeiss lenses. As for the downside, perhaps the most notable is its price. In general, lenses imported from Germany are quite expensive, much higher than many other ordinary and high-end lenses. In return, the quality and safety that these lenses bring make people feel secure to use them.


Glasses to help increase focus

How to care for the product

Once you have chosen quality lenses, you must also take care of it. First of all, remember not to repair them yourself if there is damage, but take it to the shop. Experienced and professional people will help you deal with damaged lenses easily.

Although imported Zeiss lenses are anti-fingerprint, it is still better not to hold the lenses. Periodically clean the glass carefully, using a cloth and specialized glass cleaner. While washing the glass you can use clean water. But don’t use alcohol and cream or toothpaste. Besides, you should not immerse the glass in hot water. Also do not dry the glass or bring it inside the sauna. Because all of these are harmful to Zeiss lenses. No matter how good it is rated.

Finally, you should also store your lenses in a place away from dust and heat. Avoid leaving the glass in direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car, in a car, or out in the hot sun. Although the lenses are of good quality, if left in these areas, it is easy to degrade. Rapid deterioration and failure to maintain the desired lifespan is certain to happen.

Hope the above article helps you better understand Zeiss lenses. From there determine if German Zeiss lenses are the ideal product for you. Please consider carefully before making a decision, to avoid making unfortunate mistakes.

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